During my growth and consolidation as an architect, I’ve concluded that design is a process in which aspects like space, the client’s ideas and my architectural vision are inextricably integrated.


The result, far from being an ode to the designer’s ego, translates gaps and plenitude, which, properly balanced and framed in dramatically honest gestures, interconnect in a place full of surprises and sensations arising from the proper management of elements such as texture, light, shadow, scale and integration with the environment.


I firmly believe that each project must rise to the observer as it moves in different rooms meeting with connectors and joints such as gardens and bridges, which interact through visual shots and allow the architecture and interior design to be joined as an indivisible whole, this way achieving textures and materials to complement in a spatial balance that promotes physical and mental wellbeing of those who live in it or transit it.


Therefore, my work is marked by the use of pavilions that allow defining different areas of the property, dismantling the various components, and creating transitions where light penetrates and air circulates. This allows outdoor areas such as gardens and backyards to be integrated into the internal areas, which results in the emergence of enlightened and private spaces that are joined harmoniously, into outer space. My architectural work seeks to fulfill my customer’s needs and wishes, and through proper guidance and direction, translate them into a unique and memorable work of architecture.


Abraham Valenzuela